The Property

Authorized under section 58(3) of the Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Act.


Golden Ticket Online zipline





How do I buy a ticket?

To buy a ticket simply visit the H’Evans Scent Golden Ticket page and follow these simple instructions.


What does a ticket look like?

Upon completing your purchase, an automated ticket receipt will be sent to your email with your ticket number located at the top. Please do not delete this email, as you will be asked to furnish your ticket receipt to collect your prize.


What is included in the prize package?


See full prize details here


How will the selection be done?

The winner will be selected via a randomized grand draw under the supervision of the betting, gaming and lotteries commission of Jamaica.


Where will the draw take place

This will take place at H’Evans Scent in St Ann


Are they any tax implications

This will be handled by the accountant: Ashburn C Simon & Co


Can I do what I like with H'Evas Scent when I win

You will have any number of choice with what you do with H’Evans, You can develop the Tourism business, Break up the property, sell off houses or land, the choice is yours.


Can I talk direct to Mr Motivator

Any time anyway, by phone, skype totally available at any time, the booking will need to be made for a face to face 


Will I be able to call him after I win

After you win he will be available for at least three months to do a proper handover and he will be at the end of the phone if you need any further help and advice


Is H'Evans Scent still open?

Yes it is and H’Evans scent will remain open at all times, the winner will take over everything and there will be bookings in place, which will become part of the overall prize fund 


Will there be a handover process?

Yes. Mr Evans (Mr Motivator) along with his lawyer, accountant and management team will support the winner with everything they need to transfer the property. He will also be their with you, side by side, teaching you how to operate the business for 3 months after handing over.


How will the transfer of titles be done

This will be handled by lawyer Mrs Heidi Johnson based in St Ann 876 972 0100 All land titles have already been deposited wth her


Can a foreigner own property in Jamaica

According to the current laws, foreigners are eligible to acquire property in Jamaica without any restrictions


Who will pay for any cost of transfers

This will be paid by H’Evans Scent Ltd 


Will I have access to the Lawyer involved in the transfers

Yes you will be able to get full access and you can email him directly from now


Who will ensure that the draw is done fairly

This will be overseen by the Bettings Gaming & Lotteries Commission


Is Mr Motivator leaving Jamaica

He will continue to live in the UK but will maintain a home in Jamaica


Is there a limit to the number of tickets that anyone can buy

To increase your chances of winning,  the more you buy will increase your chances, So buy as many as you like