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03 Oct 2018

Mr. Motivator: From Rags to Riches (Part 1)

Hi! My name is Derrick Evans, more popularly known as Mr. Motivator.


I’m Jamaican by birth and grew up in Christiana, Manchester in my early years. In 1962, I migrated to the United Kingdom with my adopted family.


For many years, I experienced hardship and was homeless for some time. At the tender age of 20, my life changed forever. I became a young single father and God blessed me with a bouncing baby girl. For many young men, the idea of becoming a single father would’ve been daunting.


This wasn’t the case for me. I was excited.


Becoming a father armed me with a renewed drive to succeed. I pushed even further to ensure that I was the best father to my beautiful daughter.


Being a young father wasn’t easy by any means. I took on menial jobs with a sense of pride because I knew that these jobs were stepping stones and I was making an honest living. I swept floors and cleaned toilets in order to provide for my family. I believe that if you work hard and you keep on working, good things will come to you no matter what.


So, with that mindset, I never allowed myself to wallow in self-pity.


It wasn’t until the age of 40 that I had a breakthrough. This happened in the 1990s when I received an amazing opportunity to be on television. It was at that time that I became Mr. Motivator. But this success did not happen overnight.


I had been working tirelessly as a fitness instructor for a decade prior to becoming TV famous. During my appearances on the UK breakfast television programme, GMTV, I gave viewers several tips on how to keep their minds and bodies in shape. My workout routines were performed live on-air much to the delight of what you could call, my large female following.


It is important to be an innovator in whatever field you find yourself. Innovation requires a strategic approach and some level of risk. You gotta to be bold! I like to be the first in everything that I invest my energy. I wasn’t afraid to confidently don my trademark workout attire – highly coloured, tight fitting gym wear back then.


You see, my clothes were a reflection of my brand, bold and vibrant.


At that time, they said I got the nation exercising. I thought to myself, “How can I earn more from this TV opportunity?” My name was out there and I had acquired credibility by earning the trust of many. I then decided to capitalize on my popularity as a fitness sensation by producing several workout videos for retail.


I also worked to establish myself as motivational speaker, sales and team building strategist.  

Everybody Say Yeaaa!!


  1. This is very inspirational, I admire your dedication to not only your family but your dreams too. I remember growing up in the 90’s watching Mr motivator and trying to keep up with my mum doing the moves in the front room, I remember your fun energy, it was refreshing to see a positive strong black male role model on the screen as a young child.

    • Hi, thanks so much for your kind words. Glad I could inspire you even at a young age!

  2. Wow i was motivated by just reading this !!Truly are a motivater

  3. I think that every single person in the UK knew who mr motivator was back in the 90s when I was a teenager growing up!!! If they lived here and somehow didn’t know who he was, then they must have been living in a cave with no TV or anything!!
    Good on you for being as successful as you have been, and for building H’evans scent and providing jobs for local people and everything else you have done over in Jamaica.
    I’m definitely buying a raffle ticket or 2, I think it’s a brilliant prize to win and it’s a brilliant idea of yours by doing a raffle to pass on your house, while it also acts as a massive advertisement to get people interested in going to the house/park when the new owners take over.
    Campaign to get Mr motivator for a knighthood!!
    Sir motivator!!

  4. I will never forget seeing you when I was just a child bouncing around the screen all full of energy and brightly coloured on what were often grey dull English days, it bought some fun and fitness to our living rooms, a good memory for sure. Very pleased to see you have done well for yourself and your family, its genuinely nice to see someone doing well and looking super fit. Well done!

    • Thank you very much Michael for your kind words, and that I could brighten up your living room 🙂 It’s my intention to give others the chance to do well for themselves, the chance that I never had growing up

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