28 Nov 2018

A couple years ago I

A couple years ago I had a vision to open up a holy land which you be consist of a church, healing house, well, herbal house, bath house, counseling house, inspirational house & fun event house. Recently, I had a mission to bring 1 of Africa first church the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church to Jamaica in the mountains with important books, teaching center, community center. In the event to have a monastery with holy water to be in the healing house. Well is for the wealth and prosperity of the world. herbal house would be a central place for heal on the mountain like a lighthouse. Herbal house would consist of all natural herbs which GOD give to us on the land and it would be the central place for healing. bath house would be for refreshing someone soul such as baptism and spa massage treatment. counseling house would be spiritual counseling and life experience counseling. Inspirational house would be people give there own life building experience. Fun event would be different fun event for children and adults. I still have a written draft of the vision I wrote down and draw over a decade ago.
Also, I have always want to do some opportunity where I give back to the community and create work opportunity for local Jamaican.