05 Dec 2018

Good afternoon Mr. and Mrs.

10Good afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Motivator,

I hope this message finds you both well and your daughter in better spirits. Thank you in advance for the opportunity to tell my story and why I (we) would be a great fit to own and operate H’Evans Scent.  My best friend, Yvette Plummer, who also entered, told me about this raffle today and it was such a coincidence, as moving to Jamaica has been a constant topic between us for the past few months.  We have talked about moving back multiple times before, but the question always remains, what would we do to make an honest living to support our family? The perfect opportunity has presented itself and when we are chosen as the winners, your family will not be disappointed in the choice you’ve made.

My name is Raquel McBean, a 37 year old mother of two, who makes a living as a civil servant for the City of New York.  I am Jamaican born, spending the first 13 years of my life in Ocho Rios, and have lived in the United States for over 20 years. My daughters are ages 10 and 9 months. I am a past student of Westwood High, while I was in Jamaica, and completed my high school education at Samuel J Tilden High in Brooklyn, and continued on to Buffalo State College. My major in college was hospitality administration, as I am from one of Jamaica’s major tourist hubs. I thought after college, I would continue in that field, but life sent me down a different path where I gained extensive knowledge in contract writing. Your raffle has come at a time where my love of tourism, agriculture/farming, and satisfying those around me are at an all time high, as this is where my passion really lay.

When the raffle is over, and we (Yvette and I) are chosen as the winners, you will not be disappointed. We are very hard workers and are hands on our families’ daily decision making processes. I love the name, location and visual aesthetics of the property. I would keep the same team building concepts that are in place and add couples therapy weekends (retreats), eco-tourism promotions and maybe spring break packages to students a families who prefer nature attractions, all while still involving the community and local companies. Agri-tourism would also be a part of what I do, as farming is a great passion of mine, even though I live in an urban city. I would definitly start a small farm and plant fruits and vegetables to be consumed by anyone who uses the property, making H’Evans Scent even more self sustaining. My cousin,who lives in Baltimore by way of London, is a Clinical Pychologist, and we have had conversations about operating a bed and breakfast while doing couples therapy retreats in Jamaica.

We would move back to Jamaica in a heartbeat and I look forward to the possibilities this opportunity brings. I do believe this opportunity has created a vision of prosperity, and I can see our having a conversation further down the road about how you’ve helped a family fulfill their dream. I can hear the children laughing and playing… can’t you? I look forward to hearing from you both. Thank you.

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