21 Dec 2018

I worked for a tour

I worked for a tour company 25yrs and was verbally sent home in 2014, as a single mother the loss of income has been devastating to me and my children. I am still at IDT with the company now almost 5 yrs and they refused to give me a termination letter, “they don’t know what to put in it”, so getting another job in my field was impossible as most companies state I am technically still employed. My son couldn’t attend his graduation, had to give up college to work and keep his sister in school. Our home is up for auction. I started a tour company in 2016 but my investor Mr. Winston Chue was murdered in Montego Bay. I presently do drapes and upholstery from home. Even though its hard making ends meet I do what I can to help other mothers in need. I started an NGO and volunteer with Blue Boys Foundation to provide back to school supplies and scholarship in our home communities.
When I win I will maintain the business as is, expand with agritourism, hydroponic vegetables, and an orchid garden. Will also add a hostel on the right side for mothers and children who need a place to stay to start over, get on their feet.

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