28 Nov 2018

Well I will be a

Well I will be a new graduate in 2019 of my marketing bachelor degree i would maintain the main reason of the property to help individuals because that was always my dream, I am struggling right now through my final year in college because my father decided to walk out of the marital home leaving me my mom and my brother my mom is a principal of a preschool in which she wishes to branch off on her own and have our own home, this would be a big start for a young lady like me and even if I don’t win I do love the idea of your good gester but I would defiantly live out to the legacy and the real reason you made the place and defiantly keep your workers you have it’s already hard in Jamaica to find a job just the thought of them losing there job would hurt them if somebody comes and takes over and change the tables on them. Again I do thank you for reading this and wish you a good night I may be contacted via email at lehannaedwards@gmail.com